Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Security Policy

We aim to take care the customer’s products as the best condition and most safety to reach the customer’s agreement. Therefore, We, management and employees shall commit a goal as follows;

  • 1. The safety for all processes is the most important.
  • 2. All processes must be conformed to the customer’s agreement and to comply with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe.
  • 3. We shall endeavor to reduce employees work-related accidents and injuries including ill health and decrease the volume of environmental emissions and wastes that arise from our operation. 
  • 4. We shall build awareness amongst our employees and contractors and provide appropriate training in order for them to increase the skill for efficiently working and safety.
  • 5. The processes control must be continual and effective improved in order to safeguarding the occupational health and safety of our employees, protecting the quality of the environment as well as to increase the customer’s satisfaction.
  • 6. We aim to protect properties and information including threat reduction to comply with international standard 
  • 7. We provide consultation and participation for our employees and contractors prior to making decisions of occupational health and safety.

By the motto “Safety and Improvement are our Core for our Customers.”

Furthermore, our commitment shall be made available to the public.


Anti Drug and Alcohol Policy

     We hereby declare that, under the regulation of drug prevention and suppress law, we, MC Siam Logistics Co., Ltd (The Company) is the company that shall not allow all stuffs and workers of the Company, all business acquaintances, and all people to enter into our Company's boundary, not to have or make use of drug at any places and time.

     We, furthermore, declare that, no alcohol drinking is allowed in the Company's boundary, and during the working time.

     We, the management and all employee of the Company shall commit ourselves not to involve in the drug at any time and place, and alcohol taking during business hours.

     Our commitment shall be made available to the public, effective on May 11 ,2020.




 Mr. Daiju Suzuki
President Director